Public Relations Team

Sabina Saltaga Begic

As the Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development is unique in its structure and topics, it’s an honor and privilege to work as a team member of this conference. I have been studying veterinary medicine and I’m currently working at a research project at an research institute in Seibersdorf, Austria. Developing further my project relevant skills during several Youth in Action programmes, Case Study trips and Salto-Youth trainings on non-formal education field, giving me the necessary knowledge to contribute to this conference. To me as an open-minded World Citizen this unique opportunity to expand knowledge and contact with different perspectives and settings is very useful to help design solutions for our planet’s health experiencing diplomacy at one of the most authentic United Nations simulation conferences with Youth from all over the world.


Elena Gabriela Geana

I studied Communication and PR and, currently I’m in enrolled in a master’s degree on Marketing and Business Communication. I am fond of PR, being active and working in the field of PR for several projects and conferences.     I was also a journalist for the AEGEEan magazine for 2 years and member of the PRC for 4 years. More recently, I have been Secretary of the Agora at Spring Agora Enschede 2017. As I love the environment in its purity and my passion for PR the Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development is just the right spot to work for.