Bureau of the Conference

President Sarah Alam El Din

I am an old-timer to moderated and unmoderated caucuses, debates, lobbying, and last but not least social events. Nevertheless, I feel as fresh as ever chairing the event and to guide delegated through an all-moderated caucus session.

I love being a delegate myself, caught up in a little tension and dialogical turmoil.

In my spare time, if I’m not reading or listening to audiobooks I spend time traveling, debating and exploring the unknown.

Knowing that environmental sustainability is of immense significance for our universe and self I have spent time researching different variables playing into the causes and effects of our current choices concerning this topic. Examining causes, effects, alternatives and solutions the interaction of experts and non-experts is essential for achieving innovative ideas.

Keeping the bigger goal of attaining the SDG’s in mind I’m looking forward to a productive debate leading to a resolution filled with bits and pieces of each country through amendments and meaningful debates.


Vice-President Vojna Ngjeqari

While studying Renewable Energy Systems and working for the International Atomic Energy Agency, I had the opportunity to address the climate change debate from two different perspectives. From the academic perspective and its role in advancing the knowledge of Renewables, and the perspective of an international organisation in the role of the application of nuclear science and technology to combat climate change.

The Model United Nations Conference on Environment and Development reflects the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement and the progress on its implementation guidelines. I believe that MUNESD will promote universal awareness on the discussion of climate change and instil leadership, critical thinking and a life-long passion for the betterment of our planet and society.

I have moderated several events in Vienna including the Peace Federation, speaker at “I am tomorrow” event in Barcelona and attended several MUNs in UK and Germany.

I’m not only an award winning researcher on Sustainable Development Goals and Industry 4.0 but also the initiator of the Renewable Energy Austria- Adria Riviera Business Project, where my mission is to lead the Western Balkan transition to renewable energy.


Rapporteur Walter Bielowski -M.Sc.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and currently working on my master’s thesis in Botany at the University of Vienna, my engagement in organising MUNESD gives me the opportunity to assume my responsibility as a natural scientist in our society. It enables me to help future decision makers to deal with a subject area that concerns any decision in present and future. Furthermore, I see the MUNESD as a great opportunity for natural scientists to gather insights on how political decision making takes place on an international basis – independently of the career goals such scientists are aiming to achieve. A better understanding between academic and political culture can cause a successful development of a diverse and sustainable society. I am happy to serve this cause.