About the Conference




Seeing loss of biodiversity, deforestation of primary and secondary forest especially in Asia and South America, global coral bleaching, desertification of large landscapes and extinction of endemic species around the world it is time to act. Greenhouse gas emissions and enabling sustainability are the key areas to achieve, as we are using 50 percent more of the resources than the world can regenerate. Thus, food security in regard of biodiversity, pollution, water and degradation of soil are crucial topics to address.

The conference from 22nd-27th April 2018 gives young experts, scientists and academia interested in the field of environment, sustainability, biodiversity and international climate agreements the opportunity to discuss these crucial points on an international and scientific scale and develop their ideas in an international resolution. The event will be organized, engaging young scientistis, experts and academia in the policy making process, making their voice heard.

For the Conference itself, various water directives and environmental protection agreements will serve as a basis for the ongoing work of the conference. During the plenary session, the delegates will have the task of creating a global functioning resolution.

The new resolution formed by the participants embodies a blueprint for the protection and preservation of oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and other waterways, as well as ground water and soils.  Topics covered during the discussions could be agriculture and forest management, biodiversity and sustainable tourism.

During the simulation, participants will take the role of delegates of the 196 countries in the COP of UNFCCC. In order to back the discussion with more scientific background, there will be a diplomatic delegate and a scientific one, working together on each country and supporting each other. Participants can choose the country and the poition of either taking the role of a diplomat or an expert. The countries will be given according to a first come first serve principle. As we can only provide 90 places it is upon the delegates to decide which countries they want to represent and which not. In addition, delegates can also choose to represent FAO, UN environment and international NGOs.

Throughout the conference, delegates improve their rhetorical skills and broaden their horizons in the field of environmental protection.  

Who: Young experts, scientists and academia

What: Workshops by UN staff and experts, international plenary and exhibition with international organizations.

Simulation of a COP of UNFCCC with the goal of a resolution which embodies the blueprint of water and soils.

When: 22nd-27th April 2018

Where: Vienna International Centre, one of the four headquarters of United Nations

Why: We believe in the anthropogenic climate change, global warming and it is time to make an impact from a generation which cares and deals with it.